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Kompact Vibram® sole. Designed to work hard

The innovative Kompact Vibram® sole has been designed and tested by Jallatte® and Vibram®, world leader in the production and marketing of soles which can grip and are durable, with the aim to obtain:

  • The highest adherence coefficient
  • The optimal resistance to abrasion
  • A modern design

GRIP: 30%

More than values required by EN standards


More than a standard rubber outsole

1 - Grip and reliability

  • Specially designed patter and cleats
  • Wider contact surface channelling of fluids and expulsion of debris
  • Superb adherence and grip, even on the most demanding surfaces

2 - Maximum durability

High anti-abrasion value of the rubber compound
6,5 mm high self-cleaning cleats for a 20% more durable sole.

3 - Resistance

Contact heat-resistance up to 300°C
Fuel oil and oil resistance, anti-static

4 - Anti-shock and anti-torsion

Specific shock-absorber insert for improved comfort
Harder rubber for better support of the foot arch

Test results in compliance with EN ISO 20345:2004/AMD1:2007
SRC (SRA + SRB) test method
Testing ground: ceramic
Lubricant: cleanser
on flat: 0,42 (> 0,32)
on the heel: 0,36 (> 0,28)
Testing ground: steel
Lubricant: glycerine
ron flat: 0,23 (> 0,18)
on the heel: 0,18 (> 0,13)

Flextane™ HP by Jallatte®

New high-performance pierce resistant midsole:

  • 100% composite, flexible, anti-static and non-magnetic
  • Covers 100% of the foot surface
  • 70% lighter than steel midsoles

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